Friday, July 19, 2024

Membership Campaign for INIT

In its pursuit to increase the outreach of its programs and different opportunities available under the umbrella of INIT, the INIT offers two kinds of memberships as outlined below:

Country Membership

The INIT encourages and invites OIC members states to join hands in harnessing the potential of IT and contribute towards bridging the widening gap between the Muslim and developed world. We understand that with the association of OIC member states, the Network would be able to come up to the expectations of the Ummah. The INIT has constituted a system of mandatory annual membership fee the OIC member states which opt to be members of the Network.

The INIT has run an extensive membership campaign during the preceding years. Invitations to join the INIT and dissemination of information about its programs were made to the 57 OIC Member States through the good offices of the Coordinator General, COMSTECH and the President, INIT.

The campaign has evoked a lot of interest. At present, besides active members of INIT, a number of other Islamic countries have also shown their interest to joint the Network. Until now, following counties have become its members:

  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan,
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
  • Republic of Azerbaijan,
  • Republic of Gambia,
  • Republic of Sudan,
  • Republic of Yemen,
  • State of Qatar,
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

In addition to the above, a good number of counties have expressed interest in the activities of the INIT and are expected to join the Network which include Arabic Republic of Egypt, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Kingdom of Morocco, Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Republic of Indonesia, Republic of Mali and Syrian Arab Republic.

Associate Membership

The INIT invites the research and development organizations/institutions in the field of information technology from OIC member states to avail the opportunity to become ‘Associate Members’ of the Network.

All universities, institutions of higher learning/training, R&D institutions, accreditation bodies, quality and standardization institutions, etc. are eligible to apply. The ‘Associate Membership’ will be offered to the interested organizations/institutions without payment of any fee for the year 2014-15. Thereafter a nominal fee contribution of US$ 100 from each applicant/associate member will be charged.

The Associate Membership will be renewable after each 2 years upon payment of the renewal fee (US$ 100/-). The Associate Members will be eligible to apply for participation/funding in/from the programs of the INIT. The organizations interested to become Associate Members can fill in the Associate Membership Form (available on the website of INIT i.e. and send it to the Secretariat of INIT.

The Associate Membership campaign of INIT is one of its efforts to not only form a central grid of the institutions of higher learning in the fields of information and communication technologies from the Muslim world but also to provide a forum the researchers and practitioners from these institutions to get into joint collaboration and research activities and benefit from the expertise of the qualified human resource available in the Islamic world.