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Memorandum of Understanding for Scientific and Educational Cooperation between INIT and Inter Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks (INSTP), on June 1st, 2016 in Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan

 Friday, June 3, 2016

The 15th session of the General Assembly meeting of the Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the OIC (COMSTECH) took place on 31st May – 1st June, 2016 in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

The Inter Islamic Network on Information Technology (INIT) was represented by the President INIT, Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi (H.I., S.I.) and Engr. Tahir Naeem, Executive Director INIT. A detailed report, highlighting the activities of the INIT was disseminated along with a presentation being delivered by the Executive Director, INIT hence making the participants aware of the efforts made by the Network.

On the sidelines of the General Assembly Meeting, a meeting was held between the Executive Director, INIT and Dr. M. Mottaghitalab, Secretary General Inter Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks (INSTP), Guilan, Iran ( Subsequent to the discussion held in the said meeting the two Networks entered into a MoU. The INIT was represented by the President INIT while the INSTP was represented by the Secretary General INSTP. The proceeding took place in the presence of Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Deputy Minister for Research and Technology, Government of Islamic Republic of Iran. The two networks agreed to continue their growth with increased cooperation and the same level of exuberance that has always been the distinguishing factor for INIT. The MoU consisted of articles detailing the areas which shall be the focus for collaborations between the two Networks. The areas included promotion of pre defined programs by both networks such as capacity building, promoting training with joint research and development activities, participation in conferences and academic meetings facilitating the exchange of staff, information and materials and other exchanges that both organizations agree to, with the belief that the research and education process at both organizations would be enhanced.

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