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INIT-UNESCO-ITU Workshop on Digital Accessibility at WSIS Forum , Geneva Switzerland , 8-12 April 2019

 Monday, April 8, 2019

The day will focus around –Security, Communication, Mobility, Education and Emergency

Aim: The day will comprise of showcasing of innovation on accessibility, workshops, engagement of new participants from the accessibility community and sensitizing our regular participants. (in parallel with other workshops that will take place during the WSIS Forum)

This very practical hands-on workshop will involve all participants in sharing their experiences on how we turn the many good policies and strategies relating to ICTs and accessibility/disability into practical actions on the ground that will help to empower those with all types of disabilities. It draws on experiences gained during similar workshops held elsewhere, including at the Commonwealth Ministerial Summit on e-Accessibility held in London in 2012, a Caribbean workshop on ICTs for people with disabilities held in Antigua in 2015, and an expert meeting on Disability-inclusive technology and innovation held at UNESCAP in Bangkok in 2018.

Participants will co-create mind-maps highlighting the challenges that remain to be overcome in turning policy in practice, and ways though which these can be overcome. 
This will then be developed into a declaration on action which all participants will subsequently be invited to share more widely through their networks.

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